MICROGARD® 1800 Ts PLUS provides the wearer with entry level, low hazard liquid and particulate protection.
Ideal for a wide range of general industrial applications.

MICROGARD®1800 is a lightweight, breathable material and so is particularly suited to warmer working environments. With stitched and taped seams. Provides a good barrier to low hazard liquid spray and fine particulates.

Features and benefits
Protection - Proven barrier to low concentration liquid chemicals, liquid & particulate biological hazards
• Comfort - Moisture vapour permeable (“breathable”) to help reduce the risk
of heat stress
• Silicone Free – Critical in spray painting applications
• Low Linting – Reduced risk of contamination in critical areas
• Anti-static – Tested according to EN 1149-5
• Optimised Body Fit – Improves wearer comfort and safety
• Tunnelled elasticated wrists, hood and ankles – Helps to minimize
the risk of linting and cross contamination
• Thumb loops – Help to prevent sleeve movement when working above your head
• Chinstrap – Helps to reduce the risk of cross contamination

• Pharmaceutical industries
• Paint spraying
• Boat and ship building
• Mining

Stitched & Taped Seams
Internal stitching which is overtaped to offer
increased strength and an effective barrier
to liquids and particulates.

MICROGARD® 1800 Ts PLUS coveralls meet the following European Norms
Type 4-B
Type 5-B
Type 6-B
EN 14126
EN 1073-2
EN 1149-5

Type 4BType 5BType 6BEN 14126EN 1073-2EN 1149-5
Technical Data

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