Providing complete protection from liquid
and particulate hazards!

Ventilated suits with filtered air and MICROGARD®/MICROCHEM® technology providing head and body protection from hazardous substances.

Features & Benefits
Double elasticated cuffs - Enables a liquid tight connection with chemical protective gloves (additional taping or Glove Link is required)
Air permeable SMS collar - Maintains sufficient air in the breathing zone whilst allowing excess air to flow into the body of the suit
Four exhalation valves - Exhalation valves fitted to the rear of the suit allows CO2 to escape and equalises pressure within the suit, allowing a full range of movement without risk of excessive pressure causing harm to the suit or the wearer
Model 700, 701 & 704 - Attached socks with elasticated boot overflap - Socks are designed to be worn inside chemical protective boots with the leg overflap worn outside to reduce the potential for chemical ingress.
Model 705 - Attached sock boots with anti-slip PVC sole version also available.
Panoramic visor design - Ensures a good field of vision for the wearer
Emergency rip cord – Permits rapid doffing of the suit in cases of emergency or undue distress to the wearer

Model 700 is designed for use in combination with Sundström SR500 / SR500EX PAPR fan unit & filters.

Model 701 is designed for use in combination with Scott Proflow SC / EX fan units & filters.

Model 704 & 705 is designed for use in combination with Malina CleanAIR Chemical 2F Plus fan unit & filters.

Features & Benefits
• Double elasticated cuffs
• Air permeable SMS collar
• Four exhalation valves
• Attached socks with elasticated boot over-flap
• Panoramic visor design
• Emergency rip cord

MICROGARD® / MICROCHEM® PAPR coveralls meet the following European Norms
Type 3 EN14605 Liquid tight suit
Type 4 EN14605 Spray tight suit
Type 5 EN ISO 13982-1 Dry particle suit
EN14126 Barrier to infective agents
EN1073-2 Barrier to radioactive particulates - Class 3 of 3
EN1149-5 Anti-static
EN12941 Respiratory Protective Device, performance Approved to EN 12941 TH3 with an Assigned Protection Factor (APF) of 40*

*UK APF according to Annex C of EN529:2005. The APF means the factor by which the hazard is reduced, i.e. how many times cleaner the air is inside the hood than outside

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