AlphaTec® MICROCHEM® 5000 Avant AIRline continuous air-fed hood for protection against hazardous liquids and particulates.

Features & Benefits
• Exceptional Chemical permeation resistance against a wide range of organic and inorganic chemicals
• Ultra-lightweight hood fitted with an attached adjustable air flow regulator
• Panoramic visor design with 180 degree view
• Highly visible orange colour for increased worker safety
• In-built AlphaTec® Flow Control Valve and Low Flow Alarm unit

• Chemical
• Life Sciences
• Oil and Petrochemical

• Chemical handling/spills
• Hazardous waste disposal
• Industrial tank cleaning
• Maintenance
• Petrochemical plant applications

AlphaTec® MICROCHEM® 5000 Avant AIRline Hood meets the following European Norms
Type PB (3) : EN14605
Type PB (4) : EN14605
EN14126:EN1073-1 Ventilated protective clothing against particulate radioactive contamination (Limited to Clause 4.3 Breathing zone only)
EN14594: Class 4A Continuous flow compressed airline breathing apparatus respiratory protective device.

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Type 3b Type 4b EN 14126 EN 14594
Technical Data

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