MICROGARD® FR will not compromise wearer protection in the event of a flash fire

MICROGARD® FR offers wearers protection from liquid chemicals to EN Type 6 and particulates to EN Type 5, offering peace of mind to workers in potentially explosive/flammable environments, by decreasing the risk of burn injury when worn over thermal protective workwear*

Features & Benefits
Protection - Flame retardant treated Sontara/wood pulp/polyester fabric with good barrier to particulates and low level liquid spray
Comfort - Air and water vapour permeable (‘breathable’) to help reduce the risk of heat stress
Optimized Body Fit - Improves wearer comfort and safety

• Oil and petrochemicals
• Petroleum distribution and processing
• Utilities

Suitable for most applications where there is the need for limited chemical splash protection without compromising wearer protection in the event of a flash fire

MICROGARD® FR coveralls meet the following European Norms
Type 5 EN ISO 13982-1 Dry particle suit
Type 6 EN13034 Low level spray tight suit
EN1073-2 Barrier to radioactive particulates - Class 1
EN ISO 14116 Limited Flame Spread, Index 1/0/0
EN1149-1 Anti-static

Stitched Seams
Combining strength with particle barrier

MICROGARD® FR coveralls have in addtion been tested according the draft standard for protective clothing against heat & flame - Test method for complete garments. Prediction of body burn using an instrumented mannequin (ISO/DIS 13506:2004)

*MICROGARD® FR should never be worn in isolation for flame retardant protection. Always wear over the top of garments which achieve EN533 Index 2 or above.

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Type 5Type 6EN 533 Index 1EN 1149-5EN 1073-2
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