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Ansell Microgard® and Microchem® products are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the European Norms specified in Category III of the PPE directive for chemical protective clothing, and therefore they carry the CE mark.

To carry the CE mark, chemical protective clothing must;
• Pass one or more of the six specified “Type” tests
• Be correctly labelled
• Meet or exceed the minimum requirements expected from the physical and chemical barrier properties of the materials used.
To use the CE mark, the manufacturer of chemical protective clothing must;
• Manufacture products that consistently reach an acceptable level of quality
• Hold an ISO 9001 quality certificate or suitable alternative. ISO certification means that the manufacturer is subject to regular inspections by an approved authority.


Download Ansell Microgard Ltd ISO 9001 Certificate

Download Ansell Microgard Xiamen ISO 9001 Certificate
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The management systems of Ansell Microgard Ltd & Ansell Microgard Xiamen Limited are assessed and certified by SGS Fimko (notified body CE 0598) as meeting the requirements of EU PPE Regulation 2016/425 (Module D) for the manufacture of Personal Protective Apparel.


Download Ansell Microgard Ltd Module D Certificate

Download Ansell Microgard Xiamen Module D Certificate

Ansell Microgard® Guide to European Norms for Chemical Protective Clothing

To assist you with the selection of chemical protective clothing the EU has identified six “types” of protective garments within Category III of the PPE directive.

Certification to a particular “type” offers an indication of your suits protection against a particular hazard (gas, liquid or dust). As a manufacturer it is our responsibility to ensure that our products meet the requirements of the applicable standards.
Download Ansell Microgard® guide to EN943 Protective clothing against liquid and gaseous chemicals, aerosols and solid particles (Type 1&2)
Download Ansell Microgard® guide to EN14605 Protective Clothing against liquid chemicals (Type 3&4)
Download Ansell Microgard® guide to EN13982 Protective clothing for use against solid particulates (Type 5)
Download Ansell Microgard® guide to EN13034 Protective clothing against liquid chemicals (Type 6)
However, even after all this stringent testing and certification CE marking only indicates that the chemical protective clothing meets certain minimum requirements.

Specifiers of protective clothing should be aware that conformance to “Type” standards does not necessarily mean that the garment is 100% impervious to their hazard. In the case of the Type 5 particulate test garments are allowed individual leakages of up to 30%, providing the average for the suits tested is less than 15%.

To that end protective performance levels may differ from one manufacturer to another, even if their products are certified with the same Type.

At Ansell Microgard Ltd we can provide you with guidance on selecting the appropriate type of garment for your application.
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Ansell Microgard® Guide to other European Norms

In this section we have provided you with information on the additional European Norms featured in the Ansell Microgard® Product Range
Download Ansell Microgard® Guide to EN14126: 2003 Protective Clothing against Infective Agents
Download Ansell Microgard® Guide to EN1149-5 Protective Clothing with Electrostatic Properties
Download Ansell Microgard® Guide to EN1073-2: 2002 Protective Clothing against Radioactive Particulate Contamination
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