Ansell Microgard® Coverall Sizing

Protecting the wearer starts with a correctly fitting garment...

Ansell Microgard® and Microchem® garment sizing has been rigorously tested and proven over the years, through continuous customer research and product development.

A good fit helps ensure that your protective clothing provides comfort and protection

Badly fitting garments can restrict wearer movement, and ultimately reduce efficiency, protection and comfort

Ansell Microgard® & Microchem® coveralls are manufactured and supplied in accordance with EN340
This European Norm sets out the general performance requirements for ergonomic, innocuousness, size designation, ageing, compatability and marking of protective clothing and the information to be supplied by the manufacturer with the protective clothing
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Take the comfort test... Ansell Microgard® and let us show you how our garments can keep you comfortable and protected