Ansell Microgard, a modern company committed to the principles of an ethical manufacturing policy

It is our policy to protect the general welfare and occupational health and safety of any employee involved in the manufacturing process of the Ansell Microgard range of protective garments and allied products.

We are committed to the principles of the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code. These recommendations conform to the standards of the International Labour Organisation, which states that in particular, no child labour will ever be used in any process and all of our 620 employees enjoy safe, hygienic and comfortable working conditions. Employees will be paid an above average wage, enjoy regular employment and their working hours should not be excessive.

All our products are manufactured in Ansell Microgard Xiamen, China; a wholly owned subsidiary of UK based Ansell Microgard Limited. Opened in 2008 on the modern AEPZ Export Development Zone, our facility was designed and built to the highest standards and allows our employees to enjoy clean, safe and climate controlled working conditions, excellent canteen and sanitary facilities together with free, first class dormitory accommodation for every employee.
Ansell Microgard Xiamen Ltd - Dormitory Accommodation, AEPZ
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